Kindergarten’s Mission

Kindergarten’s Mission

Every day in kindergarten we talk about, read about, and sing about Jesus! We talk about Jesus in the morning and in the afternoon and in every subject in between. We get to pray to Jesus and praise His great name! We are blessed! However, there are millions of children around the world who do not share in this blessing. Though kindergartners are young, they are passionate about sharing the knowledge of Jesus to the unreached around the world!

The 1040 Window

The 1040 Window represents the world’s most unreached people. Originally it included only countries that lay within the 10 and 40 degrees north latitude lines. It has more recently been revised to include nations close to the window that remain unreached by the Gospel. (


“Unreached people” by definition means that there are not enough indigenous believers in a people group to spread the Gospel without outside help. ( According to the Joshua Project, there are 5.09 billion people living inside the 1040 window, and 68.5% of them are unreached. 

The Jesus Film Project

The Jesus Film Project produces and translates the Jesus Film and then takes it to people all over the world. They show the movie on screens, buildings, and digital devices in rural areas and cities. As of 2019, 490 million people have been saved after viewing the films! They estimate that for each dollar donated, one person is saved. (

Our Mission

Last year my kindergarten class amazed me with their hearts for praying for people all over the world who do not know Jesus. This year kindergarten is officially adopting “unreached people” as our missions project. We’ll be praying each day for 1-2 unreached people groups, learning about them, and raising money for the Jesus Film Project. I’m so excited to see God work in the hearts of our kindergartners and trust that God will continue working in the hearts of many around the world! ~Written by Rebekah Pityer Warsaw Christian School Kindergarten Teacher

Safely Soaring

Warsaw Christian School staff and students have soared into the school year with a strong focus on school safety. The letter S in our WCS SOAR Eagle Pledge stands for safety. The pledge states that we will make good choices about our safety and the safety of others. Proverbs 4:10-27 provides great guidance on the importance of following God’s instructions in order to gain wisdom and righteousness.

During the month of August, we practiced a variety school safety drills as well as learning the importance of treating others with safety.
Teachers and students have also been trained to recognize and respond to bullying through the lens of God’s word.

The students are learning the importance of being an upstander rather than a bystander. There are four steps that we have taught our students in regards to responding to bullying that will help them as they navigate this world: (1) If you see something, say something (2) Know you are special to God (3) Respond in love (4) Look for ways to include others.
A good article written by Neil Hardin includes these points and can be found here: What does the Bible teach us about bullying? Take time to read it for yourself and share with those you mentor.

Let’s SOAR together as upstanders in our homes, workplaces, and community.

Thank you to the Warsaw Police Department and to the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department for visiting our students and helping us learn more about safety.