ACSI DAY Of Prayer

Postcard (v0)Today is the Association of Christian School’s (ACSI) global day of prayer and I wanted to share an excerpt from today’s ACSI blog post.  The following is written by Debbie Miller the Northwest Regional Director of ACSI:  

 I don’t watch a lot of movies, but when I do, I’m rarely impacted beyond being entertained in the moment. Sometimes, though, on rare occasions, I see a movie or even a scene that captivates my thinking, leaving an indelible mark. Such was the case with “Gravity,” a film starring Sandra Bullock as a scientist/rookie astronaut, whose first mission goes horribly awry, leaving her floating around in space with ostensibly no way to get back to earth.

The most impactful moment of the movie for me follows after an accident has left Bullock’s character lost in space. Oxygen is running out; the penetrating cold is taking its toll; she’s losing capacity for rational thought. Attempting to make radio contact with any living being, she is babbling into the comms device searching for any response. Her ramblings are mostly forgettable, until finally, in a desperate and hopeless whisper, she says this: “I’m going to die today…and no one will even say a prayer for me…would you say a prayer for me? Or is it too late? I would say a prayer for myself, but I’ve never prayed in my life. I would pray, but nobody ever taught me how. Nobody ever taught me how.” [To watch this powerful clip, click here].

These lines really rocked me; in the dark of the theater, I was moved to tears. Oh God, how many people have never learned how to talk to the One who loves them beyond understanding, who hears every need, who sees every tear, who formed their beings with infinite care?  

Tomorrow (due to today’s snow day) WCS will be participating in the ACSI’s Day of Prayer. It is our desire that the whole world would know how to pray to the God of the universe who loves them unconditionally. Will you join us as we pray for the ministries of the Christian school nationally and globally?

~ Tricia Deisch

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