Praying Together for the 10/40

You can see a lot in the eyes of a little child. It’s been a joy for me to see excitement, sadness, and hope in the eyes of my kindergartners this school year during our twice daily special prayer time. You see, we’re praying through the 10/40 window this year in kindergarten. The 10/40 window refers to the nations and people that live between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator in the eastern hemisphere. Those within this space are largely unreached people groups struggling with poverty and a lack of education.

Each day we choose two people groups for which to pray. While the idea of the 10/40 window, millions of people, small percentages, and strange languages may be hard concepts for young children to grasp, it is beyond exciting to watch God move in the hearts of our kindergartners. When we read of a people group that doesn’t have the Bible in a language they understand, I see sadness in the eyes of my students. When we find a people group where perhaps one out of every one hundred people believes in Jesus, there is joy in their eyes. The class still giggles as I try to pronounce the strange names and languages, but the children never let us forget to take time to pray.

While Warsaw may be far from the unreached peoples of the world, every morning during our morning meeting and later during our calendar time, we pray to the Father of all peoples that He may work in wondrous ways to lead His lost children to Him. What a joy to see children praying for children. What a joy to be able to take a few precious minutes to do this each day as a class. ~ Rebekah Pityer