Kindergarten In The Eyes Of Our Parents

Boys and Miss Pityer.JPGMiss Pityer has been the kindergarten teacher for our two oldest children and we have been very thankful to have her as their teacher.  We have spent time in her classroom and have been impressed with the patience and kindness that she has towards her students.  She is very in tune with the kids’ personalities and seems to know each of her students well.  She creates a fun learning environment for the students, which we believe is crucial at that age.  Her love for Jesus is evident in the way she teaches and we value the fact that she centers learning around the Bible.  She encourages kids to ask questions and grow in the Lord which is important to us as parents.

Kindergarten is an important year for all children given how much change is happening in their lives at the time; going from partial to full day school is a big deal!  Miss Pityer includes rest time, reading , exercise breaks, etc. during the day which help make the transition easier.  Miss Pityer is also an excellent communicator and keeps parents updated on their child’s performance and class activities.  The structure of Kindergarten at WCS lays a positive foundation for students to grow to enjoy school which can benefit them in the long run.  Miss Pityer’s professionalism, emphasis on learning and deep faith make her an exceptional teacher.~ Jason and Mallika Klingaman, Kindergarten Parents

We fell in love with WCS the second we walked in the doors three years ago, our love for the school has only grown over those years.  We love that WCS is a bunch of families making one big family! We have had two kids go through Kindergarten and both absolutely loving everyday of it.  The way that Miss Pityer engages each child and loves on each child isn’t the kind of care that you would find anywhere else.  She is fun, engaging, and is very good at explaining things to the children when they have made a mistake or misbehaved.  Makenzie loved her so much that on her Graduation day she was in tears because it was over.  Konner loves they way she does centers and teaches math.  I love that I can come on my lunch break or spend the whole day with my kids and help out in the classroom.  Konner has grown so much spiritually!  At the beginning of the year he would pray with us at bed time and that was kind of it.  Now he wants to pray for our meals instead of one of us parents doing it and if someone isn’t feeling well he will immediately pray for them he loves talking to God and understands more about God and what he is to us. ~ Katie Burgin, Kindergarten Parent

“Luke 1:37 For nothing is impossible with one nation, under God, invisible, with liberty and justice for all.” ~ From the mouth of a Kindergartener