Before and After Pictures

butterflyAs I scroll through my Facebook feed and notice my friends’ before and after photos celebrating changes to their physical appearance through diet and exercise, I cannot help but reflect on the transformations that happened at WCS this past school year. I wish I could post before and after pictures of the hearts that were changed. I am referring to several of our students who were transformed from the inside out by the power of God’s grace. These transformations cannot be captured by the lens of a camera, but they definitely were captured by all of us that interact with these students on a daily basis.

One student in particular had an impressive inside out transforming change.  He began his school year struggling with defiance, rebellion, and aggression towards his teachers and classmates. He was having difficulty coping with life in general. He resisted love and acceptance and consistently tried to aggravate those around him. But all the while, his teacher walked beside his parents and together they modeled love, grace, and compassion in the midst of his hostility. The other students began to exhibit the same compassion and pray for him when he was struggling.  They worked to include him in their activities even when he pulled away.

Within the first few months of the school year, this boy shared with his teacher that he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart and life.  The transforming power of God’s grace was immediate. By the end of the school year, this boy had radically changed and his attitude reflected the fruits of  the Spirit. It is this kind of before and after picture that demonstrates the power of God’s transforming grace. It is this kind of picture I wish I could capture for all of you to see.

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you…Ezekial 36:26