Back to School

Back%20to%20School%20BannerOur summer days are winding down and it’s back to school time. I have always loved this time of year. As a teacher and a mom, I loved buying school supplies for my classroom and for my kids. There was just something nice about throwing away stubby broken pencils and crayons and replacing them with crisp Crayola boxes and bright yellow pencils. Restocking and replacing these school supplies reminds me of the verse that states the old is gone and the new is here. Oh, how I love new beginnings and fresh starts. God is the God of new things; He brings newness every day. craI guess that is another reason I have always loved the start of the school year. I loved dreaming and planning for all the wonderful new possibilities. The thoughts of new friendships, new concepts, ideas, growth and discovery, and getting a new teacher, or as a teacher the idea of a classroom full of new students. These things brought wonder, excitement and joy. And even now, as we get ready to head back to school, God continues to amaze me with His plans for our future, a future full of hope and new life. There are many new things waiting for us as we return to WCS. We have a new first grade teacher, Miss McQuade. She is a Grace graduate and has just finished a year of teaching in Bangladesh. We have an amazing new playground being installed. We have many new friends to get to welcome and share the love of Jesus with.  And I am excited to start up this new school year as your principal. Back to school this year will be full of all kinds of new and exciting adventures from the Lord. I’m already dreaming of the great discoveries of learning and working together that await us this year! I cannot wait to see you on August 15th for Meet the Teacher. Now, off to buy a brand new box of Crayola’s and some shiny new yellow pencils. See you soon!

~Tricia Deisch