I’m So Thankful For Our Teachers!

The first week of May marks National Teacher Appreciation Week. This is a week where  teachers are recognized for their tireless work and love they demonstrate to their students and families on a daily basis. This is also a time of year that I reflect on the many teachers who have impacted my life. And the one teacher who impacted my life the most was my second grade teacher, Miss Newberg.  She was beautiful and kind. This was the year I decided I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up.

I don’t recall many of her lessons. Although, I do remember repeated addition and subtraction drills that helped me remember all those facts. Thank you, Miss Newberg! But what I do remember the most is her heart and how she made me feel when I was in her classroom. She made me feel special and important. One standout memory that is engraved in my mind was when I had returned from a bout with bronchitis to a week of standardized testing. I still had a terrible lingering cough and I remember coughing endlessly during the testing. It was then that she brought me a cup of water and draped her sweater over my shoulders. I will never forget the feeling of being loved and cared for by my teacher. As I remember that moment that happened so long ago, I now realize that her love was like that of Jesus. She gave me a cup of water when I was in need and gave up her own sweater to warm me on that cold day.

Years later I was tremendously blessed to actually teach side by side with her and learn from her expertise and her example. It was then that I realized that she was a missionary sharing the love of Jesus  with each of her students. What a terrific blessing from the Lord to me.  And now, all these years later God has blessed me again. I am daily surrounded by classrooms being led by faithful followers of Jesus Christ who are full time missionaries. Our WCS students are being blessed in the same manner that I was blessed so many years ago. How awesome is that!! What a privilege and joy for me to observe teachers praying with and over their students, sacrificially giving up their lunches, or purchasing necessary school supplies or gifts for those in need. And then most importantly these teachers are sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to each of their students through their words and deeds. All amazing blessings that  I have seen this year at WCS by our teachers!

God has been so tremendously good to bless WCS with these full time classroom missionaries! And I am so thankful to get a glimpse of His work through these teachers’ hearts! Please take time to join me in praying prayers of thanksgiving and blessings over each of our teachers and then let them know how they have made a difference in your life.

Tricia Deisch