What’s On Your Top Ten?


Warsaw Christian School is one of my favorite places to be! And  after coming back from winter break, it is obvious that WCS is one of the kids’ favorites too. So, I thought it might be good to do a comparison of my top ten reasons with their top ten reasons on why Warsaw Christian School is the best place to be! Come to find out we have a few of the same favorites!! Check out our lists and leave a comment on facebook on why you think WCS is the best!

The top ten reasons why I think Warsaw Christian School is the best:

10. Each day is grounded in love!
9.  Parent partnerships and community support abounds!
8. Students are exposed to and participate in a variety of fine arts!
7. Students experience exciting educational field trips!
6. Student are included in service projects that make global impact!
5. The whole school participates in corporate worship and chapel on Wednesdays!
4. Character is more important than test scores!
3. The administrators, teachers, and staff pray for each student!
2.  High academic standards are expected in all areas of learning!
1. Biblical truths are taught and practiced daily!

The top ten reasons why the students think Warsaw Christian School is the best:

10. An amazing playground is COMING summer of 2016!
9.  We have small class sizes and we know everybody in our grade!
8. No bullying!
7. We work together as a whole school to reach goals!
6. We respect each other and have fun together!
5. We get to go on lots of field trips!
4. We celebrate with awesome parties!
3. We love our specials: music, art, PE, and computer lab!
2.  The teachers help us learn!
1. We learn about God and Jesus every day and not just during Bible!
~Tricia Deisch
Our Vision: Warsaw Christian School students will acquire a Biblical worldview evident by faith in Jesus Christ, growth in Godly wisdom and character, a commitment to academic excellence, and a heart to serve their world for the glory of God.