Making Room for More of Him

Warsaw Christian School teachers and students are in full swing in preparation for Christmas, making room in their schedules for all the little extras that make our students’ lives so full. If you joined me in walking the halls you would probably hear the sweet voices of our students as they rehearse for their upcoming Christmas program. You would see the Christmas bulletin boards and you might even see the students quietly working on crafts and cards for their family.  One thing for certain is you would feel the anticipation mounting in the building for the upcoming celebration of Jesus’ birthday.

As I reflect on this special time of year, I think about how WCS has been making room for more students, more classrooms, and more teachers. And all these thoughts of making room for more, led me to consider the story of Jesus’ birth and coming. God’s greatest blessing to all of us: the gift of Jesus Christ coming into the world to rescue us from our own sinfulness. The historical accounts of who made room for Jesus that night in Bethlehem teach us the importance of doing the same. And that is the spirit of WCS, to teach our students how to make room in their hearts for MORE OF HIM.

As I treasure every moment of this season, I thank God that our teachers and support staff have the desire to teach our students to make room for more Jesus in their hearts, in their actions, in their words, and in their work. So, before any of us get caught up in the busy-ness of this time of year, it is my prayer that we first join together to make room for more of Him in our hearts. And with that we will all truly have a very Merry Christmas!

 Our Vision: Warsaw Christian School students will acquire a Biblical worldview evident by faith in Jesus Christ, growth in Godly wisdom and character, a commitment to academic excellence, and a heart to serve their world for the glory of God.