We Are Family

stainglassRecently, I was giving a school tour to a prospective family and sharing how Warsaw Christian School is known for its family atmosphere. Later, I shared the blessings of how we are growing in size. The dad then asked, “Are you worried you will lose the family atmosphere if you keep growing like this?” That thought never even crossed my mind before. I shared with him how the common thread of the love of Christ binds us together and makes our school a family.

But later that day when I was thinking about this conversation and praying for our school, I asked the Lord if we would lose that family atmosphere if we continue to grow in size. And as soon as I asked the Lord that, I heard a family that prays together stays together. Immediately, I knew this is what makes Warsaw Christian School so great. This is what makes us a family. It is not because we are a smaller school that works hard at learning and growing together. It is because we pray for one another every day.

As I continued reflecting, I remembered the times as a classroom teacher I witnessed students daily praying for each others burdens. I thought about the many moments when students would stop what they were doing to pray for a classmate who was having a rough day. I recalled the many prayer requests that rolled over to blessings and praises and the heartfelt celebrations that came along with those.

There is something miraculous that happens in the hearts of Christ-followers when prayer is the foundation of their relationship. I am so thankful that God uses prayer to bind us together and so very thankful that prayer is an integral part of every day here.  Warsaw Christian School does have a family atmosphere and that is largely due to the fact that a family that prays together stays together.

Thank you God, for the blessings of praying with my family.

~Tricia Deisch