Soaring High on Grandparents’ Day

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I am not sure who was soaring higher on Grandparents’ Day, Denise and me in the Development Office, or the kids. You see we had been on the receiving end of mountains of blessings from area businesses, parents, and PTF volunteers to make this day happen. And the kids, well they were excited about having all of their favorite things wrapped up in one monumental crazy Grandparents’ Day carnival morning. They were over the top excited about the bounce house inflatable, popcorn, carnival games, candy walk, and a balloon artist who was worth a crazy mile long line. Not to mention the half day of school! Their happy face- painted grins, giggles, and non- stop movement, with their favorite grand-persons in tow, proved they were soaring pretty high.

We were soaring because of the countless prize tokens, grade level themed baskets, and parent volunteer hours being donated to our Grandparents’ Day. In addition to all of that, the Warsaw and Winona Lake community went over the top donating items ranging from automobile services, day trips, to fan memorabilia and everything in between to benefit our literacy silent auction. Our office was busting at the seams; we began stashing gifts in the building the way squirrels hide their nuts for the winter. We were Maxxinistas of space and soaring on God’s blessings on a daily basis!

So, this Grandparents’ Day it may be a toss up on who was actually soaring the highest, and just maybe it wasn’t even the kids or Denise and me. Maybe it was the Grandparents. As I was passing through a busy hallway that day, I overheard a grandpa tell his grandma wife, “There is nothing better than being a grandpa.” I loved hearing the deep pride and joy in his voice. I loved seeing the smiles on the grandparents’ faces as they watched their grand kids be kids. So, I guess it doesn’t really matter who was actually soaring the highest on this Grandparents’ day. The truth is we soared. We soared on God’s amazing abundant blessings!

Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. Psalm 106:1 

Thank you Marah Grant Photography for capturing the moment for us!!