Learning to Fly


Praise God I am not learning to fly by flapping my wings and leaping off of mountain tops. Rather, it has been little steps one day at a time learning the new role of Donor Relations at Warsaw Christian School. It is, however, just as exciting as learning to fly. I am getting the bird’s eye view of the heart of Warsaw Christian School.

It’s a huge privilege to see how God uses his people to work together to fulfill his purpose. I am daily witnessing generous givers and sacrificial servants. It is through these obedient followers of Christ that students’ lives are being daily impacted and transformed into the image of our Savior. I have seen students personal needs being met through anonymous gifts. I have seen students reap the benefits of volunteers donating their time to help students and teachers in need. I have seen the outpouring bounty of God’s blessings through numerous answered prayers.This heart I’m seeing is a reflection of God’s generosity of love towards us, which makes me very thankful to soar among these eagles. It’s a great way to fly!

I hope you will drop by the Development Office and introduce yourself to me. I would love to talk to you about partnering with WCS; the views are pretty sweet.

~ Tricia Deisch